Navy Community Recreation Mission:

To deliver Community Recreation services in the most effective way possible by delivering lifelong leisure skills, socialization activities and creating active lifestyles for service members and their families.

Navy Community Recreation Vision:

Helping service members and families find "More Ways to Recreate".

Navy Community Recreation Information:

Navy Community Recreation is program-centric and offers a variety of different facilitated and self-directed recreational opportunities that guide participants through leisure experiences in the form of events, activities, trips, and outings.  By combining departmental resources, Navy Community Recreation provides services that equip participants with the ability to pursue a variety of recreational endeavors.

Navy Community Recreation focuses on the community as a whole, as well as unique demographic markets, including but not limited to: single service members, families, retirees, couples without children, single parents, etc.  Navy Community Recreation keeps a pulse on the community's interests and needs, as well as current recreational trends, and provides programming for niche demographics as warranted (e.g. pet owners, outdoor enthusiasts, car buffs, do-it-yourselfers, festival goers, crafters, etc.).  The Navy Community Recreation staff has the knowledge to refer customers outside the fence lines when necessary and encourages engagement within the local or civic community.