Auto Skills Center

The Auto Skills Center is a great place for those who prefer to work on their own vehicles.  The well-equipped, modern facility is staffed with knowledgeable attendants who are prepared to provide patrons with technical guidance and assistance, whether for a tune-up or a major engine overhaul.

The Center has 13 work bays, 6 automotive lifts, 1 motorcycle lift, hydraulic presses, floor jacks, transmission jacks, tire machines, tire balancer, brake lathe, computer code readers, drill press, strut compressor, engine hoist, battery chargers, torque wrenches, timing lights, pneumatic tools, air conditioning tools, various special tools and electronic testing equipment.  We also provide a wide selection of standard and metric hand tools and numerous specialty hand tools.

The Auto Skills Center is also equipped with one of the most advanced computerized automotive technical libraries. The full Mitchell-On-Demand Library is online, with a workstation available to authorized customers.  This system provides patrons the ability to research information on just about every car, truck or van sold in the USA since 1975.  In addition to technical advice, the attendants provide service to customers by turning brake drums and rotors and performing engine diagnostics.  Fees are based upon work being performed.